The Investigation

Centered since 2009 at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University and organized by David Bear, The High Point Pittsburgh Investigation has initiated a series of organized courses, workshops, and other on-campus activities exploring possibilities for transforming the flat, one-acre rooftop of the 64-story U. S. Steel Tower in downtown Pittsburgh into a publicly accessible, self-sustaining, four-season facility that will contribute to civic well-being while also demonstrating cutting-edge sustainable design and technology.

These sequential activities, each detailed in a separate tab in the drop-down menu or through the live links below (listed in reverse chronological order), have built upon each other and involved more than 400 students and faculty members, as well as many dozens of off-campus individuals and organizations. Names of many participants are found here; all of their contributions are greatly appreciated.

The cumulative process has evolved a substantiated architectural vision of what High Point Pittsburgh could be, as well as an interactive, virtual simulation that lets you to visit and tour High Point Pittsburgh.


We are also pleased that this architectural design has been endorsed by Leslie E. Robertson, the structural engineer who designed the U. S. Steel Building (as well as dozens of other landmark buildings around the world) and deemed entirely doable both physically and financially. You can read his letter of endorsement here.

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For more information or questions, please email High Point Pittsburgh.