Area descriptions

High Point Pittsburgh area descriptions (estimated)

1. Lower elevator station tucked into the 7th Street corner of the building, this facility houses the security, ticketing, and boarding areas for external elevators to the rooftop levels.  Occupying the entire indented corner of the building, the elegant girder-supported structure has four, individually powered, glass-walled cars with the total capacity of transporting 600 people up and down every hour.

High Point Pittsburgh interior spaces:  (60,000 sq. ft.)

The upper facility consists of two interior levels and a rooftop promenade. Two grand staircases connect the first and second levels, while two internal elevators and four enclosed stairways provide access between all three levels.

2. Main floor – Approximately 45,000 square feet in total consisting of:

A. 10,775 sq. ft. central, two-story atrium with 1,530 sq. ft. raised presentation/gathering triangular area in center.

B. 5,760 sq. ft. (left side) for new Top of the Triangle restaurant, High Bar, Pie in the Sky Cafe ), and kitchen/food prep area.

C.  4,100 sq. ft. (right side) Administrative area, including:

1. 10 HPP administrative offices (120 square feet each) halls and common area.

2. Two restrooms at 425 square feet each, 12 fixtures per.

e.  5,740 sq. ft. (top side) flexible gallery exhibition space and gift shop.

D.  Three Viewseums –  two-story atria in building’s south, west and east corners.

South Point – 4,457 square feet with greenery and 400-sq. ft. glass-floored area with views straight down 850 feet.

West Point – 4,470 square feet with greenery and 400-sq. ft. glass-floored area

East Point  – 5,612 square feet.  Main entrance and upper elevator station with 4 elevator cars, each 81 square feet.

3. Second floor – Approximately 15,000 square feet consisting of:

a. 5,700 sq. ft. multi-function area (right side) separable into three rooms

b. 5,000 sq. ft “Pittsburgh Perspectives Center” (left side) with two 980 square foot theaters, and electronic kiosks devoted to educational displays on “All Things Pittsburgh.”

c.  3,600 sq. ft. (top center) promenade that opens onto gallery space below.

Exterior Space

4. The High Point – 7,090-square-foot, glass-walled, rooftop promenade, accessed by two elevators and two staircases.

The rooftop’s “green” systems also include:

A. Potential surface for thin film photovoltaic panels (40,000 sq. ft.)

B. High capacity Windbelt powered electrical generating system

C. Rain water gathering system drains entire rooftop (45,000 sq. ft.)