Take a Virtual Visit

Welcome to the Crown Jewel of Pittsburgh’s Future!

This page provides access to a real-time, fully interactive, Web accessible simulation of High Point Pittsburgh, a publicly-accessible venue imagined for the one-acre rooftop of the U.S. Steel Tower, the tallest structure in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the largest, highest space on top of any building on Earth.Start SimulationInstructions, Background, and Video Overview: Anyone with a PC or Mac computer and using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as a browser can explore High Point Pittsburgh.  The simulation is not designed to operate on Smart Phones, Smart Pads or other mobile devices.

The introduction that runs while the Unity Player and Simulation files are downloading will provide a demonstrate the navigational controls. These are sizable programs, so your experience will depend on the speed of your computer and Web connection. Please be patient. High Point Pittsburgh is worth the wait.

Should you lack the time or the electronics for a visit right now, check out this 90-second video overview.

Enjoy your visit. Stay as long as you wish, come back often, and invite your friends. You can access the simulation directly through Facebook, as well as like and follow the project on our Facebook page.

High Point Pittsburgh Simulation Project Participants and Supporters


Team VT Gigapan Systems/Create Lab Heinz College
School of Architecture Steinbrenner Institute Buhl Foundation