Virtually There: The Viewseum at High Point Pittsburgh

In the spring 2012, a project team from the Entertainment Technology Center assisted by students from the School of Architecture transformed the building design ideas into The Viewseum at High Point Pittsburgh – Virtually There, a fully interactive, Web accessible virtual destination. Construction updates were posted weekly at the VT Online project Web site. The Beta version of Virtually There has been completed and is open to visit at

Virtually There is truly a “destination in the sky” with lots to do and much to see.

Along with accessing the virtual simulation’s dozen interactive kiosks and exploring its media gallery and video theaters, site visitors can check out the Top of the Triangle restaurant, the Pie in the Sky Café, and the High Bar. There are performances on Stage HP in the central atrium and numerous panoramic viewpoints, including glass floors corners. Visitors can ride elevators or climb stairs to the rooftop promenade and enjoy a virtual fireworks extravaganza. There’s even a helicopter perspective overview!

If you lack the time or electronics or are uncomfortable downloading the Unity Game Player, watch this 90-second video overview of the project. While nothing like actually being There, it does show what There is like.