Investigation Participants and Funders

Numerous people and organizations have contributed their time, expertise, and financial support to the Investigation.  They include:

High Point Pittsburgh Investigation

David Bear – Lead Organizer, Fellow, Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry Participants

  • Golan Levin – STUDIO Director and Professor, School of Art
  • Margaret Myers – Associate Director
  • Linda Hager – Business Manager
  • Amisha Gadani
  • Riley Harmon
  • Anika Frank
  • Shanae Phillips

Carnegie Mellon University Participants

  • Daniel Nagin – University Professor, Heinz College
  • Bob Bingham – Professor, School of Art
  • Christine Mondor – Professor, School of Architecture
  • Matthew Dooley – Adjunct Professor, Heinz College

External Participants

  • Raymond Werner – Creative Consultant
  • Jim Rogal – Century Communications
  • Todd Poole – 4Ward Planning
  • Jamie Clemente – McKamish
  • Rebecca Moeller – R. Moeller and Associates
  • Lynne Glover – VisitPittsburgh
  • Susan Rademacher – Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
  • Beverly Morrow-Jones
  • Phil Hallen
  • Edward Dumont – Architectural Renderings

Virtually There project

Team VT from the entertainment technology center

  • Sean McChesney – Producer
  • Siddesh Vichare
  • Sun-Moon Hwang
  • Cintia Higashi
  • Architecture students John Kim, Richmann Neuman, and Dan Rapoport
  • ETC faculty advisers:  Mk Haley and John Dessler

Envisioning High Point Pittsburgh

  School of Architecture

  • Dan Rapoport
  • Frank Scarola
  • Johnson Pun
  • Richman Neumann
  • John Kim
  • Steven Ko

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering:

  • Ruari Egan
  • Annie Bliss
  • Amy Zhang

   External architectural consultants

  • David Roth
  • Eric Fisher

Feasibility Study

Heinz College Systems Project Team Members

  • Carolina Almarante-Terrero
  • Lauren Andrews
  • David Benetiz
  • Alissa Burger
  • Benjamin Bucher
  • Sarah Fink
  • Molly Freedman
  • Catharine Hickey
  • Tyler Savage
  • Lee Scot
  • Brett Wiewiora – Project Manager
  • Star Wilbraham

Pittsburgh Gigapanorama project

First Gigapanorama

CMU Create Lab

  • Randy Sargent
  • Paul Heckbert
  • Dror Yaron
  • Goutham Mani


  • Ruth Karlin post-production Photoshop artistry
  • Art Wetzel – Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Gursimran Koonjul – CMU computing center
  • Fran Flaherty – CMU Digital Print Lab

   New Perspective of Pittsburgh Exhibit at the U. S. Steel Tower

  • Eric Mendelson – Photo Forum
  • Ty Morse – Songwhale
  • Jamie Clemente – McKamish

   Second Pittsburgh Gigapanorama

  • Paul Heckbert (lead)
  • Clara Phillips
  • Gursimran Koonjul
  • Art Wetzel
  • Ruthe Karlin
  • Golan Levin and Riley Harmon – Live communications,
  • Bob Bingham – video
  • Jamie Clemente
  • Margaret Meyers
  • And all the Pittsburghers who posed for the cameras

Sketch Design/Case Competition

The following organizations have contributed financial support to Investigation projects:

  • Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
  • Heinz College – Systems Synthesis Project
  • The Heinz Endowments – Pittsburgh Gigapanorama
  • The Sprout Fund – The Pittsburgh Gigapanorama
  • The Buhl Foundation – Virtually There
  • A grant in memory of Ann Kalla – Envisioning High Point Pittsburgh
  • Open Door Art Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation
  • The Steinbrenner Institute

The Investigation has also received financial support from individuals.

If you would like to support or participate in the Investigation, please email High Point Pittsburgh.

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